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Eve. #Falconing

Eve. #Falconing

Spoilers for #GuartiansOfTheGalaxy

Spoilers for #GuartiansOfTheGalaxy

Caroline and I bought a house. #Spaced #Colin #ElloBrian

Caroline and I bought a house. #Spaced #Colin #ElloBrian

colin spaced ellobrian

Dakar, 2014

So sick!

Soho square

Soho square


Live Action Akira Concept Art by James Clyne

Oh my god this is the actual best!



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phoenix wright


One of Square Enix’s best character designers is leaving ⊟

I love Akihiko Yoshida’s work. You’ve seen his distinctive style in Bravely Default, Final Fantasy Tactics, Tactics Ogre, Vagrant Story, Final Fantasy XII, The Four Heroes of Light, the Final Fantasy III remake, and other games. Look at this gallery — everything’s beautiful!

He announced his departure in a personal message printed in The Art of Bravely, a Bravely Default art book that released in Japan today. Though he’ll no longer be at the company, Yoshida expects to continue his relationship with Square Enix and work on the Bravely Default series. In fact, we saw his name attached to the Bravely Second announcement yesterday.

We don’t know yet where Yoshida’s headed next or if he will remain in the game industry. You can see more of his work at this wonderful Tumblr dedicated to Yoshida’s art.

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Original concept art for Star Wars by Ralph McQuarrie.